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Armed Citizen Effectively Defends Family In Houston

“How many of us,” KHOU’s Michelle Choi asked earlier this morning, “have showed up to our driveways late at night, gotten out of our cars thinking everything is safe?” One Houston woman did exactly that last night and got attacked by two men intending on conducting a home-invasion robbery. Unfortunately, the perpetrators chose their target poorly:



said it all started when the man’s wife pulled into their driveway Tuesday night. Then the two armed suspects jumped out and tried to rob her.

First, they took her purse, and then they tried to force her into the house. However, that is when her husband showed up.

He heard the commotion from inside, grabbed his gun and ended up exchanging gunfire with the intruders. Fortunately, the couple weren’t hit, but one of the suspects was hit in the head, police said. The other suspect took off running.

“One can only imagine what was going through their mind,” Choi added. I’d guess it was something along the lines of thank goodness we could effectively defend ourselves. The victims should be thankful to live in a state that doesn’t go out of its way to interfere with that right, too.

A good guy with a gun not only stopped a bad guy with a gun, but he almost certainly saved lives, starting with his own. Opponents of the individual right to bear arms usually dismiss these scenarios as improbable, if not entirely theoretical. That’s why it’s well worth highlighting such incidents when they occur, even if they largely speak for themselves.

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