Chris I learned so much from your class thanks so much. I’d tell everyone I know to go see you. Your very knowledgeable and answered all my questions very well.

I really enjoyed Chris’ class more than the initial class that I took almost five years ago with another guy. Chris presents all of his education material in a way that makes it interesting and memorable for his students using case scenarios, videos, and physical objects.

I thought this was an excellent class with lots of great information. I thought the materials were extremely relevant and Chris delivered them very well. I loved his humor. 

This was a renewal class for me. Chris answered everyone’s questions and was very professional. Great, informative class.

Great class. I learned a lot. Thank you.

Instructor is extremely knowledgeable, and gave a ton of useful information.

Great instructor have taken last two renewal classes through Chris, knowledgeable dude and keeps it comical.


Enjoyed the class very much!  Think you did a very good job of covering the material, wasn’t boring at all! 

Chris’s class is very informative and offers many other solutions to avoid the unnecessary use of a gun.  Having never handled a gun much prior to his class, he made me feel comfortable and was completely understanding of my nervousness.   Chris did an excellent job with the presentation keeping everyone’s attention for the entire time.  I highly recommend Chris’s class to anyone thinking of taking a firearm’s class.  Thanks Chris, you were great!

The class is always knowledgeable.

Being a veteran, I was impressed how the class was taught. Chris also explains the law pretty good. It wasn’t rushed, and it was explained in simple terms.  I do recommend this course, if for nothing else just to refresh yourself.   

I think the class was great. I think Chris was very Thorough with his delivery of the information.

Very informative, funny at times teacher new his shit.

Very informative and knowledgeable about carry laws. I learned a lot of things I had no idea on during class. When my renewal comes around I will definitely take Chris’s class again 
If you are a novice, Chris’ class is for you. He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the permit to carry. There are no such thing as stupid questions in a firearm self defense class, as he went above and beyond to answer all the questions our class had. He brought examples of almost all hand guns and even holsters and let the class ask and talk about them. 
I will be highly recommending Chris to anyone I know that wants to take a permit to carry class. I hope he is still doing the class in five years as I look forward to using him next time I renew.

It was a informative class with very valuable information. He went through all the specifics of the laws and knew what he was talking about with laws/lawyers to back it up. As a renewal, I feel much more comfortable carrying than I did after my first class with someone else.

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and presents the permit to carry information in an “easy to understand” method.  The use of videos and scenarios help drive home the topics.

Very good class. Learned very much. 

The instructor gave a great presentation, and was very well spoken. 

This was my second class with Chris and if we are both around in 5 years I’ll take my third class with him.


Class  was  well  organized,  well  executed,  zero  wasted  time,  and  the  classroom  portion  was not  drawn  out and boring.  Chris  kept  the  class  involved  and covered  the  requirements

Very Knowledgable and Helpful instructor! Feel comfortable calling with any future questions


As my first time in the class i believe that Chris was an amazing teacher he used comedy which everyone loves and Chris taught us situations that the average civilian could encounter and educated us not to scare us but to truthfully give us the knowledge of what could happen in any situation.

I enjoyed the class’s informal / humor type of instruction / setting.

Very good and thorough class!


I thought the class was very informative.  Lots of information I wasn’t even aware of. 


Chris was once again very knowledgeable and made sure everybody understood what he was saying. It is a comfortable class for people that are both inexperienced and experienced people. Strongly recommend class to anybody that is thinking about it.

Class was great and very informative!

Very good class. I was very nervous going into it but the instructor and environment was so welcoming and open. I immediately felt at ease. I’m glad I took the class as well, very educational and eye opening in many ways! Thank you again!

Great class, really appreciated the extra time you spent with me at the change going through the whole process considering my lack of experience.

I feel I got much more out of sitting through Chris’ class rather than taking it online. He was an excellent teacher, and answered all my questions! I will definitely be returning for my renewa