Chris I learned so much from your class thanks so much. I’d tell everyone I know to go see you. Your very knowledgeable and answered all my questions very well.

I really enjoyed Chris’ class more than the initial class that I took almost five years ago with another guy. Chris presents all of his education material in a way that makes it interesting and memorable for his students using case scenarios, videos, and physical objects.

I thought this was an excellent class with lots of great information. I thought the materials were extremely relevant and Chris delivered them very well. I loved his humor. 

This was a renewal class for me. Chris answered everyone’s questions and was very professional. Great, informative class.

Great class. I learned a lot. Thank you.

Instructor is extremely knowledgeable, and gave a ton of useful information.

Great instructor have taken last two renewal classes through Chris, knowledgeable dude and keeps it comical.


Enjoyed the class very much!  Think you did a very good job of covering the material, wasn’t boring at all! 

Chris’s class is very informative and offers many other solutions to avoid the unnecessary use of a gun.  Having never handled a gun much prior to his class, he made me feel comfortable and was completely understanding of my nervousness.   Chris did an excellent job with the presentation keeping everyone’s attention for the entire time.  I highly recommend Chris’s class to anyone thinking of taking a firearm’s class.  Thanks Chris, you were great!

The class is always knowledgeable.

Being a veteran, I was impressed how the class was taught. Chris also explains the law pretty good. It wasn’t rushed, and it was explained in simple terms.  I do recommend this course, if for nothing else just to refresh yourself.   

I think the class was great. I think Chris was very Thorough with his delivery of the information.

Very informative, funny at times teacher new his shit.

Very informative and knowledgeable about carry laws. I learned a lot of things I had no idea on during class. When my renewal comes around I will definitely take Chris’s class again 
If you are a novice, Chris’ class is for you. He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the permit to carry. There are no such thing as stupid questions in a firearm self defense class, as he went above and beyond to answer all the questions our class had. He brought examples of almost all hand guns and even holsters and let the class ask and talk about them. 
I will be highly recommending Chris to anyone I know that wants to take a permit to carry class. I hope he is still doing the class in five years as I look forward to using him next time I renew.

It was a informative class with very valuable information. He went through all the specifics of the laws and knew what he was talking about with laws/lawyers to back it up. As a renewal, I feel much more comfortable carrying than I did after my first class with someone else.

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and presents the permit to carry information in an “easy to understand” method.  The use of videos and scenarios help drive home the topics.

Very good class. Learned very much. 

The instructor gave a great presentation, and was very well spoken. 

This was my second class with Chris and if we are both around in 5 years I’ll take my third class with him.


Class  was  well  organized,  well  executed,  zero  wasted  time,  and  the  classroom  portion  was not  drawn  out and boring.  Chris  kept  the  class  involved  and covered  the  requirements

Very Knowledgable and Helpful instructor! Feel comfortable calling with any future questions


As my first time in the class i believe that Chris was an amazing teacher he used comedy which everyone loves and Chris taught us situations that the average civilian could encounter and educated us not to scare us but to truthfully give us the knowledge of what could happen in any situation.

I enjoyed the class’s informal / humor type of instruction / setting.

Very good and thorough class!


I thought the class was very informative.  Lots of information I wasn’t even aware of. 


Chris was once again very knowledgeable and made sure everybody understood what he was saying. It is a comfortable class for people that are both inexperienced and experienced people. Strongly recommend class to anybody that is thinking about it.

Class was great and very informative!

Very good class. I was very nervous going into it but the instructor and environment was so welcoming and open. I immediately felt at ease. I’m glad I took the class as well, very educational and eye opening in many ways! Thank you again!

Great class, really appreciated the extra time you spent with me at the change going through the whole process considering my lack of experience.

I feel I got much more out of sitting through Chris’ class rather than taking it online. He was an excellent teacher, and answered all my questions! I will definitely be returning for my renewal, because this man is an expert in this field!

I really liked this class, you kept me focus, and spoke loud enough that I was able to hear….Thank you!!

I shadowed Chris in this class last weekend to become a instructor myself. This was hands down the BEST class I have ever experienced. I feel like I know a large amount on firearms and training in general, and I learned a ton of information that I didn’t know before. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. If you’re new to firearms or have been shooting your whole, this class is for everyone. The class covered every topic from handgun safety and operation all the way to legal information and scenarios. I’m still blown away by how much I learned. Chris also provides 100% satisfaction guarantee which many others don’t. Well done Chris one of a kind class, you will NOT find another class like this! I look forward to learning so much more from you.

I learned a lot from this class, not just about a permit to carry but general home safety as well. Chris is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would strongly recommend this class to everyone.

Great class,Thank you look forward to your class in another 5 years.

Chris did a great job! My husband and I both took the class with him.

Chris, This is the most comprehensive gun class I have taken. I left the class with such a broader understanding of self defense and a far higher level of understanding and responsibility toward the decision making of the of deadly force. Extremely impressed with your knowledge means of getting that duplicated to the masses of asses. Have already recommended you to a friend and am feeling a responsibility to do more meaningful practice. Thanks.

Chris I would like to thank you for the class today. I have learned a lot not only of rules and regulations but also just the simplicity of difference in hand guns. I walked in today knowing about shot guns and some rifles etc. hand guns where not my thing at all but after today’s class I feel comfortable shooting and dis arming loaded hand guns. I would also like to take your class on pistols/hand guns to better improve my knowledge of firearms. Thanks again look forward to talking soon. 

Phenomenal class. I would highly recommend this to anyone and I already have!! It not only was a class on a permit to carry but included personal and home safety. A wake up call to stay out of the white zone” You offered alternatives to carrying a weapon that I could suggest to a friend to feel safe with. There may have been some that came to the class to get their certification for a “Permit to Carry” however as a responsible instructor you reminded us of the responsibility and the laws that go with the permit to carry. Thank you for giving your time to share your passion.

I enjoyed the class. You are a great instructor and it shows that u really care about people and teaching them the right way to go about doing things. I will definitely be telling friends about the class and hopefully get a few of them to take it with you. Thanks for a great day, being able to shoot your gun and the conversation. I look forward to being able to carry and feel a lot more safe and knowledgeable about the process.

Great class, won’t change a thing!

The class was very informative and felt it was very well taught.

I’ve been around firearms all of my life (40 years) and have told a lot of people what you also mentioned about your children. Teach them respect, let them shoot and expose firearms to them. Takes out the novelty and makes kids respect them. Enjoyed the class and enjoyed the legal aspects of what you taught. Obviously some of the material covered will be redundant if a person is familiar/comfortable with firearms.

You were an amazing instructor and you kept the class funny while also being serious and informative.

Great class, great coverage

You kept it interesting and I enjoyed it

VERY good class..we were very impressed. The class was very informative. You did a good job of keeping the class moving along; the PP usage was very engaging and I never found myself looking at my watch! 🙂 I want all my family members to take the class whether they decide to carry or not as the safety part of it is something everyone needs to hear. I’ve told them all about having a home protection plan and each one has said that they’ve never thought of that before but agreed they need one. thanks much for taking your time to teach others about this important subject!

Excellent class made it very easy for me to understand.

The information was presented in a professional manner. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and presentation was pleasant.

I felt that Chris had a lot of experience, insight, and expertise that he shared with the class. I feel that I got more than my money’s worth by having him give his phone number and email for support for the 5 year term of the permit. I would and already have recommended this class to my friends and family. Thank you.

Great class. Really made you think. Learned a lot

Very Good class. Thank you for the advice.

The class population was way larger than I anticipated, however it didn’t interfere with core topics. the lecture platform was hard to imagine but the content kept it moving forward and kept your interest. The option to not pay for the class until after it is complete is a nice feature. If you find that you do not want to follow thru with getting certified, the option to walk away without having to pay is un heard of! Over all I would highly recommend your class. great job educating!

Everything else was great, and I would highly recommend the course.

This course was very informative. I took a permit class years ago, not yours, and it wasn’t even close in information and professionalism. I will definitely recommend Precision to others.

Loved the class, loved the humor. Laid back, didn’t try to scare us off, but rather inform us, which I’m grateful for. Did an excellent job, especially under pressure with their elite audience. 🙂

Chris, Thanks again for allowing me to join. Mark and I enjoyed your class and feel much better about handling a firearm. Your flow of the class was very good and you kept it interesting. 4 hrs is a long time to talk and the time went by fast. The videos were impactful and I would add more if you can. Thanks again Brian

I think what was so helpful is that this isn’t “only” about getting a piece of paper so that I can carry, but in fact there are many things you can do for yourself and your loved ones before you’d ever need to use your weapon. People are reminded of that, many times, in your class. You give many real life pointers.

Your class was more informative and interesting that my last class at Cabelas.

I thought the class moved along really well. I especially liked when you spoke about situational awareness. I believe that to be very important and you covered it thoroughly.

I thought the class was great it seems like you covered the laws in better terminology.

Chris, you were very informative and the information you gave to us as a class for interesting.

I thought you were very Knowledgeable and well informed well spoken and easy to listen to. I thought you gave a lot of good common sense advise. Thank you.

Very knowledgeable, it was a great experience and all the information about every situation will help everyone in the future. I learned many things that i didn’t know before i entered the class. Thank you for the great class.

Class size was a bit larger than I expected but you kept the class moving along nicely. Felt a little more range time would have been nice but understand the class was running a bit behind schedule. Would take your class again in the future and will recommend it to friends. Thank you.

knowing that your mind was elsewhere….. (baby) You did a fantastic job! THANX, I did learn a lot.

The class was full of great information and was presented to us extremely well. I think that the women only class was perfect for some of us that had no experience with guns.

Good class; provided information needed.

Thought it was a great class!

I thought Chris covered everything very well. I know I certainly learned a lot. The atmosphere was very nice I feel that I got my money’s worth. If anyone is looking to get their permit to carry give Chris a call.

Great class thanks again!

Very well informative on several different questionable categories. Felt like any questions I was ready to ask, got answered before I needed to ask them. Thank you very much

I thought the class was great. Very thorough, and I liked that you have so many tips for home protection plans etc. That was an element that I was unaware that would be included with training, but thoroughly enjoyed.

Very informative enjoyed class

As a person who has held a gun in his hands since a very young age and a firm believer in my Second Amendment rights I came away from this class with much more knowledge than I ever expected too. I felt super comfortable in the classroom the hours flew by with the humor and excellent instructions and even the range test was extremely knowledgeable I will definitely recommend to anyone who is trying to obtain or renew his or her carry permit

I got way more out of this class than I was expecting to. I was very impressed with the information on all the options on defending yourself in addition to guns, and having a safety plan for if someone unwelcome enters your home.

I got alot out of this class and I want my wife and daughter to take it ASAP!!!

I enjoyed your class very much. I learned more than I thought I would. The reason I wanted to take the class was so that if my boyfriend ever left his gun in my vehicle, I would be ok and not get in trouble. I now know that I want to be able to protect my family and myself. I feel more confident in being able to carry a gun safely and know when and how to use it. Thank you!!

We got the information that would make us safe while being a Permit to Carry holder. It was a very educational course including things that I would have never thought about before taking the class. I am going to definitely recommend this class to everyone I know. He gave us resources to find information on our own as well as explained the law thoroughly.

I must say, I’ve had a lot of training in self defense with my work; and this is by far the best class I have ever taken. This instructor left me feeling more self confident about being able to understand the use and providing the knowledge of using a firearm for my own self defense should the occasion arise. I feel more confident in my handling of a pistol after this much needed, very informative class. Chris, our instructor was very pleasant, very sure of himself and show us respect and taught us how to and what to look for if we feel threatened……I would very highly recommend this class, and will do so to my husband so he too can take this class in the very near future, which is sometime in early November….I thank Chris so much for all of his help, he is an awesome instructor……

Thought you had great patience with some of the members in the class! Mixture of humor was good!

I will admit I was really nervous about taking the class considering my knowledge of guns is limited. I enjoyed the class very much and now have more confidence in not only the gun safety aspect but also the self defense. I enjoyed how he made it very easy to understand. Looking forward to taking advanc classes to better educate myself. Great tips on having an action plan for the whole family. Chris did a wonderful job and I will recommend his class to everyone I know.

Great class

I have taken the class before, and since I have taken it the last time a few things have changed. Thanks for the info. Great class. I enjoyed it. Thank you and I hope you continue to teach a great class.

Great class, very informative! Really enjoyed the relaxed nature and use of humor! Will definitely be recommending this class

Nothing! Your class was fun and very knowledgeable!

I am certified with the State of Min to teach ATV safety and am also a Trail Ambassador for the State. I also had taught Firearms Safety thru the Pine Island Jaycees for years. If you ever see a need for Help give me a call. Chris. I thought you explained situations to avoid very well. I was concerned on where I could legally carry and where i cannot you explained that very well. I thought you did an excellent Con Carry training class. I would recommend your class to everyone . Thank you Sir

Very informative. Never made you feel like you asked a stupid question

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to protect themselves and their families. Even if you don’t want to carry in public, the class is still extremely beneficial